Huzzah, and on this day, by which I mean yesterday unless we speak in UTC, I have received my account, after approximately one year and seven months going through the process. At this point it's polite to thank everyone who's helped one along the way: Debian Women, who poked me a lot in the beginning, especially Erinn, Hanna, and Helen, my various sponsors: Christian Perrier, who rope-tied me into an important packaging team right off the bat and scrutinously picked apart all my early packages (you thought you knew the extent of the French cabal's powers? think again!), and Ari Pollak, who I'm sad I don't get to berate about uploading things anymore. And of course, my very patient Application Manager, Anibal Monsalve Salazar. And lastly, various Debian-related personages living around the Boston area who fed me and made me feel at home when I came here in June before school started to work at the MIT Media Lab and had no friends.

Now once I get over the shininess, I will focus on not breaking things, and of course helping more, as time permits.