Edit: Hmm, I am stupid. Fixing the Flickr pictures. Flickr is actually pretty nice with flash disabled.

The Spanish Inquisition

That's a partially-illiterate (or well distracted) "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"


And the back: "Among our weaponry: fear, suprise, and an immense knowledge of AP Biology."

Learning by Osmosis

After about midnight, you start trying new methods of cramming at study parties. And yes, I look about what time it is.

Cheesy shirts, yes. Amusing, also yes. It would have been funnier, however, if 95% of people hadn't not gotten it. Alas. Humour lost.

I also realized on Friday morning in the middle of the AP US History exam that it was my half birthday. Don't ask. Strangely, though, it seems that not very long ago it was my real birthday...