The trip to Williamsburg and Richmond went great, and I actually got a little more sleep than I had predicted. I still don't recommend buses. Not exactly fun stuff, though it helps to have two seats to yourself.

The food: highly recommend the Huzzah! restaurant (best name ever) in colonial Williamsburg if you're visiting but don't want to dive into food from several centuries ago (hey, the groupmates didn't want to take the plunge). Great food, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg either. However, I do not recommend the Capitol Hill Pancake and Waffle House, located just down the road. That has to have been the worst breakfast I have ever eaten in my entire life. It seemed like someone grabbed some instant frozen food that had been vegging on a shelf somewhere for several weeks, microwaved it, and served it on a plate, lukewarm. Mmm mmm good.

At Busch Gardens Williamsburg, the food in general was excellent, no matter where it was from, though expensive as can be expected at any amusement park. With eleven hours spent there, that was definitely a good thing. For some reason the attractions seemed more interesting and exciting after it got dark. ;)

I did manage to get onto Apollo's Chariot, though that was the only roller coaster I went on. Quite a few of my groupies preferred to stay away from roller coasters or other high motion rides. Oh well.

And now, of course, I have 80-some brand spanking new pictures, one of which now tops this page for the time being. Howl at the moon! The other choice that I had picked out and gimped up is this one, the Loch Ness Monster in "Ireland."

I'm pondering getting my gallery back up, hopefully with some sort of photo CMS to avoid reinventing the wheel and save a little work/time here. Feel free to leave suggestions; I'd prefer something that uses thumbnails linking to full-size pics and has the ability to add captions (likely to the full-size pages, but not picky in exactly what I'm looking for). :)

(here's one of my favourites)

Image: Birds May Bite