This Saturday was my mother's 40th birthday, so we had a big party with family and friends - the last of the family have just departed this morning.

It was a fun time, though tiring. My 4 1/2 year old cousin has an insane amount of energy, and a funny habit of dragging people out of bed at inane hours of the morning. "The sun's awake, get up!"

I am too lazy to do much more than upload pictures, which can be found here. Labels for #1: (not counting headless Dad and Grandpa in the left corner) cousin Mark, aunt Christina, (in background) me, friend Kristan, couple random friends-of-mother, sister Caroline (foreground).

In #7, the person besides Mark in the picture is Michael, my twin brother. The guy in #19 attempting to set up the badminton net is Evan, my sister's boyfriend.

In 43, the other girl is Sarah, another friend of mine.

Yeah, the numbers are non-consecutive because there's not much point in putting up a million fairly repetetive pictures of people that most people don't know.

I sense many days of reheated (but home-made!) pulled pork and ziti ahead.