Yes. I have officially moved 10 meters down the hall to a completely new (to me) room. There is as of yet only the headboard of a bed in said room. However, I moved my computer in today, and therefore it's official. Who needs a bed anyway.

Ironically, now that I have a room of my own for the first time in my life (just shared with little sister, before that with older sister, before that with twin brother), in less than a year I most likely again will not.

For the time being, I have cleared away some of the bizarre things that were piled on my computer desk for no reason in particular, such as sticky notes (migrating to a pegboard), a large stack of books that didn't fit on my shelves, deodorant (?), a nail clipper (?), postcards, thank you cards from graduation parties, a beer/drink insulator from a local rock station (?), and a map of Middle-earth that will probably end up hung up somewhere, among others. Some papers and miscellaneous writing apparati will probably migrate back eventually.

I have also discovered a variety of bizarre items that I didn't remember that I owned, and am accumulating a large pile of used tissues. (Closets and other dusty areas are a pain.)

We're not done yet; I still have to transfer all the crud in my regular desk, my bookshelf, as well as whatever else that's still in the old room. Sort of moving in small spurts whenever there's time.

Eventually it will return to an organized but semi-cluttered-and-lived-in state. However, now I will not have to pull teeth whenever I get the urge to clean up a bit or do compulsive organizational things like sorting the closet by colour or alphabetizing the bookcase (okay, so I could do the latter two with little interference previously as well).